Friday, 31 August 2012

Janine Zargar

It is true that we are living in the era of cut throat competition amongst the people who want to usher in the similar niche. Janine Zargar, an esteemed medical professional and management expert at healthcare services has been facing the competition rage for a long time, despite of the fact that she has been consistently serving the society with honesty and dedication for the past several years. She has a big costumer base and great fan following which stands by her side, no matter if her competitors and some mischievous minded people have started a campaign to defame her and her husband, Moshen Zargar, who is also a partner to her at work. The lady has kept aside all the acquisitions against her, either it is put on the internet, or rumored around from one mouth to the other, and have been concentrating on her professional and personal responsibilities with perfection.

Janine Zargar is not an atheist, and she strongly believes in serving the humanity with whatever knowledge and skills she owes. Perhaps, this is the reason that she has been able to earn a big name in the field of medical care.  However, it is a fact that fame never comes alone, as it brings controversies along with it, which is hard to tolerate for a common person. Janine Zargar, a dedicated medical professional and former vice president of Doctor’s United, is no exception to it, as she has been facing the harassing actions from her competitors and those who are involved in non-ethical practices. It is true that none in the industry has the guts to point out Moshen Zargar and Janine for cheating and mal practicing, on their faces, as they know that both of them belong to dignified and well mannered class of people. However, nobody can stop anyone from back biting and stabbing, without even letting you know the reason behind such an irrational act.

Janine Zargar has maintained close ties with the society and is ever ready to help the needy people, without caring about her losses and earnings. Also, she believes in keeping in pace with the changing technologies and get adapted to them as soon as possible, and like to spend quality time in learning new things. Therefore, she finds it absolutely unnecessary to react to the defamatory remarks published on the web space, and retaliate back. Rather, she concentrates more on refining herself as a better human being and gain new heights at the professional front.  Janine and Moshen Zargar want to be known for their hard work and focus primarily on contributing their bit towards the betterment of health care facilities, which is much productive work than responding to the rumors and baseless matters that is spread against them.